How It Works

The Power of Workflows

Beau combines the best features from CRMs, website and form builders.
The platform is focused on customer success.

Beau is something pretty
new on the market

What are the common tasks that your business does for most clients that works with? These are the perfect tasks to automate because having them ready to go will save hours of replicating the same work for different clients.

Map out the experience of your customers. An additional benefit to doing this is that it will create a consistent level of quality that the business then become associated with.

Use a no-code workflow builder to create an online experience and get a ready-to-use customer portal.
Provide step-by-step guides for clients: let them add any details, pay invoices, sign docs, arrange calls, and track progress.
Store customers data and work with it in one place (Lightweight CRM).

Guide your Clients, Step by Step

Design step-by-step client workflows and forms with our visual builder.
No coding skills required.

* a sample law firm client workflow

Beau is a new beginning.

Beau is a workflow platform that helps to rapidly embrace a digital transformation strategy for SMBs and lets businesses get benefits from CRMs, website and form builders:

Use a visual editor to build step-by-step client workflows and forms in minutes.
Transform traditional business processes into online experience.
Intake new clients and keep existing well informed via easy-to-use customer portals.
Store customers data and progress in one place (Lightweight CRM).

Step by Step

Workflow Builder
Client Portal
Kanban View
List View

Some Sample Use Cases:

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Startup Due Diligence for a VC, Content Promotion Process, High-Touch Customer Onboarding for SaaS, Customer Support.
Obtaining O1/O2 US visa, Law Firm Client Intake, Netherlands Company Formation, Delaware C-corp Incorporation, Claim Compensation, Legal Contract Drafting.
Client Management for Freelancers, Podcast Publishing, Marketing Campaign Management, Web Design Agency Client Workflow, Remote Work Management, Website SEO Optimisation.
Financial Services
Accounting Firm Workflow, Accounts Receivable Process, Vendor Management, Tax Return, Investments Pipeline.
Course Opening, University enrollment, Tuition Reimbursement.
Real Estate
Buy-Side Real Estate Management, Facilities management, Storage Control, Real Estate Investment Management, Property Selling Process, Brokerage Pipeline.
New Franchise Opening analysis, Procurement Process, Sales Pipeline.
Health Care
Dental Clinic Patient Intake, HIPAA Compliance, Electrical Inspection in Hospitals.
Human Resources
Employee Onboarding, Expense Management, Employment Termination, Benefits Management, Hiring an Intern.